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Hi I am Dr. Parul Chaudhri 

My love for animals was the alchemy that brought me to practice Soul-Level Animal Communication®. I want everyone to understand the soulfulness of animals in our lives and how they have the capacity to change lives, as Xena and Zara changed mine. rohit

Growing up in a house full of animals, my expectations were unlike those of others my age. I would rather spend my time with my grandparents on their huge farm with ani...

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Soul to Soul Connection

General Animal Communication

A General Animal communication reading enlightens you as to how your pet feels. In this reading I connect energetically with your animals, they teleport me to their world by delivering their messages to me by seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling. In the reading, I connect with your animal's personality, do a medical intuitive bodily scan, find out their likes and dislikes, and answer two additional questions of your choice.

You might ...more Choose Plan

Soul Level Animal Communication Reading®

In the 45 minutes Soul Level Animal Communication® reading you get more time to ask your questions and I dig deeper into the soul lesson and the soul purpose of your pet and share with you whatever your pet wants me to tell you. I also connect with your pet's body during this reading and perform a body mapping, an intuitive body scan that helps me feel how they feel in their body then share it with you and answer three additional quest ...more Choose Plan

Crossover pet Communication

Speaking to your animals once they have transitioned to the other side can be a truly healing experience. Hearing from them, knowing they are at peace, happy,  out of pain, and still feel your love every day can bring you peace. Spirit is not a physical place, so animals in spirit will often "visit" their people. When we talk to our animals, they can tell us what to watch or listen for, as signs that they are ...more Choose Plan

Missing pet communication

Guiding lost animals and missing pets' homes is one of the most challenging situations a pet owner faces. It’s important to make sure your animal carries identification whenever possible. However, if your animal does become lost, there are things an animal communicator can do, and there are some things they cannot do. I connect with the consciousness of your animal to see what they have seen or are seein ...more Choose Plan

Aura Cleansing

Our pets continue to absorb the energies that are present in and around the environment. They are absorbing our emotional energy as well. This can be very overwhelming for our pets because they are divine beings with pure energy connected to the light source. The energy they absorb from the environment can completely offset their energetic balance, becoming a precursor for various types of ailments. Cleansing ...more Choose Plan

Energy Healing

Energy Healing cleanses, energizes and balances the animal’s chakras, thereby promoting wellness and good health on all levels may it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Various physical and psychological ailments that our cats, dogs, and other animal pals go through can be helped by energy healing, which can be used to support any conventional or alternative healing method. These symptoms include t ...more Choose Plan

Bach Flower Therapy

Maybe your previously outgoing pup is going through a fearful, under-confident stage. Or having difficulty adjusting to a new house or new family member. Maybe adolescence hit , and your sweetheart pet has turned into a controlling bully. Or your senior pet, once self-possessed in any situation, has become timid, anxious and unsure of himself. What do these issues have in common? They are exactly the types of behaviors that ...more Choose Plan


Our Products

Pet power healing elixirs at Humans of Animal Land are a mix of different Bach flower essences energized to help reduce stress, improve confidence, tone down negative behaviors, and shift the learning curve in the right direction. In turn, brings about a perfect state of health and well-being in animals.

Aura Cleansing Spray

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Anti-Tick & Flea Spray

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