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Bach Flower Therapy

Maybe your previously outgoing pup is going through a fearful, under-confident stage. Or having difficulty adjusting to a new house or new family member. Maybe adolescence hit , and your sweetheart pet has turned into a controlling bully. Or your senior pet, once self-possessed in any situation, has become timid, anxious and unsure of himself. What do these issues have in common? They are exactly the types of behaviors that flower essences can help with. It is a 20-minute session on Google Meet or Zoom call.

  • Your pet is scared of other pets, worried about strange people or stressed out in new places.
  • Following different behaviour patterns.
  • Terrified during thunderstorms, fireworks, or gunfire.
  • Stressed & panicks when travelling or making pet visits etc.
  • Leaving your pet home alone a constant source  of anxiety for them.

Flower Essences are completely natural, unscented, dilute liquids that contain the energy signatures, or "essences", of various healing flowers. They are capable of subtly "re-tuning" out of balance, and extreme emotions in humans and animals. Each essence corresponds to a particular emotion, and over time, works to bring that emotion back into a naturally balanced, healthy state. There are flower essences that reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve cooperation, increase patience, decrease jealousy, and many more.


How Bach Flower Therapy helps Animals ?

  1. Flower essence therapy helps resore balance and harmony
  2. Objective observation and identification of animal's behaviour help to treat the animals.
  3. Flower essance are safe to be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.
  4. They are absolutely natural and chemical-free
  5. It is a holistic way of treatment.


  • 20 Minutes
  • Bach flower remedies
  • Therapy Guidance
  • IST time zone
  • Zoom video call / Google Meet 
  • Waiting time 10 - 12 days

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