I have a great respect for the veterinary profession as a whole and all the incredible and innovative work they do for animals and their human families. My role as an Animal Communicator is to be a representative voice for your animal companion. I am here to objectively convey their preferences, desires, and physical or emotional discomfort (if they choose to present it). I do not make a diagnosis, but am regularly able to sense areas of sensitivity or concern and how your animal wants to relate to them. Animals often communicate to me if they want to go to the vet or what type of relationship they want to have with more formal care. In my conversations with animals, I see the spectrum: some request holistic remedies while others desire more explicit pain management, and some don’t even want to think about it at all. It all depends on your companion’s needs and preferences. Some feel safer at the animal hospital while others prefer to be at home in your care. No one animal professional has all the answers all the time, but working together as a team can help ensure the most comprehensive support for your companion animal.

Animals in spirit do not have the filter of experience that is living in a physical body. Although they still hold the memories and connections of being alive with us, they are no longer operating within the same physical perimeters; this allows them to express themselves more expansively. I often say animals sound like sages after they have crossed over because they are free from any physical pain and see their circumstances differently; as loving as they are on this plane, they can open up to an even greater sense of love and service that can be more challenging to communicate or realize here on earth. They see a wider perspective and continue to send us love and be of assistance while in spirit. Most animals I speak with are excited and adamant about maintaining a line of communication, or at the very least a sense of connection and/or mutual support, despite the physical distance from their human family

It is truly up to your personal timing, everyone’s needs and situations are unique. But I do suggest allowing space to reflect and grieve before booking a session. It may be helpful to gift yourself time to feel and adjust to their physical absence so we may more fully open up to their messages, guidance and presence within our time together. You might even enjoy connecting in with them organically and in your own way before our more formal communication.

Ans. I communicate with animals telepathically, meaning I can feel what they feel. I may also receive messages, images and thought-forms, all the while connecting with them on a soul level. I translate these communications for the human and the conversation can continue as a two-way dialogue. I work with the details of an animal’s experience to paint a more expansive picture, illuminating new solutions and facilitating deeper bonds. I do not need to be physically present with an animal to communicate with them as I am experiencing their energy and communicating telepathically.

There are endless applications for Animal Communication. Common applications for companion animals include behavior, health, deepening connections, preparing for a health procedure, travel, diet, introduction of a new family member (human and animal alike), family dynamics, end of life, loss of a family member, moving, transition of any kind, communicating with animals in spirit, honoring their preferences in relationship to veterinary care and the list goes on. Animal Communication at large can be invaluable to conservation, land stewardship, inclement weather, development projects, habitat restoration, sustainable resourcing, species protection and scientific research while strengthening the bonds and communication with our wild brothers and sisters.

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