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My love for animals was the alchemy that brought me to practice Soul-Level Animal Communication®. I want everyone to understand the soulfulness of animals in our lives and how they have the capacity to change lives, as Xena and Zara changed mine.

Growing up in a house full of animals, my expectations were unlike those of others my age. I would rather spend my time with my grandparents on their huge farm with animals than go on expensive vacations.I had a summer vacation schedule that I enjoyed following: afternoons riding and chatting with horses, and evenings spent healing with Chanchal (our wise elephant). These healing sessions with Chanchal took place on the river banks, and I would pour out my heart and talk about my true feelings of pain that I was experiencing because of my parent's separation.All of my animals have always served as guides, teachers, and healers for me. I had no idea my wonderful dog Xena would advise me on my life purpose.

Xena My devoted basset dog, who lived with me for thirteen years, had a significant effect on my life, as did Zara, my darling Daschund. Both my brave hearts were turning points in my life’s journey, bringing me closer to the ultimate truth of life—death—and opening me to what lies beyond it—the afterlife. I lost both of them tragically and painfully. Xena had to be put to sleep due to a slew of debilitating ailments, while Zara's life was blighted by diabetes and blindness. However, these angels demonstrated what a fighting spirit looks like. Regardless, their death left me with a lot of unresolved questions, the most pressing of which was why they died with so many illnesses despite my care. Did I go above and beyond for them? Was I correct in my decisions about their treatment?

Amid my mourning, I was scrolling through Instagram, looking at old pictures of Xena. I came across Danielle Mackinnon's page, the world-renowned Soul Level Animal Communicator® (my mentor now, much gratitude), and now I refer to this as my "magical scroll", since I knew here is where my questions would be answered. I spent the entire night watching all of her videos while having tears stream down my cheeks because they touched me. I followed the advice of Xena, who was guiding me from beyond, and I joined the Amazing Soul Level Animal Communication Program to develop my psychic abilities.

The more I got familiar with animals, the more I found a whole other universe. All of the unanswered questions, pain, and trauma were replaced with wisdom and knowledge from Xena, Zara, and many other animals alive and in spirit. I had a sense of belonging, calm in my soul, and a sense of direction. The longing that I felt to do more for each animal I saw was suddenly given a purpose and a definite direction. I've always had a special and unique bond with animals and nature, having been an animal lover since birth. Throughout my evolution, animals taught me, comforted me, and patiently waited for me to claim my divine purpose

So I urge you to come and open your hearts to the innate wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love that are being showered upon us by our animals.

Humans of Animal Land is an organization committed to 'speaking for animals'. It was founded by Dr. Parul Chaudhri, who has lived with over 100 of animals in her personal life and communicated with many more. Helping animals and their human parents is her life's intent. If you have a pet, and you have been wanting to know what they say, all you need is us.

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