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Crossover Pet Communication

Speaking to your animals once they have transitioned to the other side can be a truly healing experience. Hearing from them, knowing they are at peace, happy,  out of pain, and still feel your love every day can bring you peace. Spirit is not a physical place, so animals in spirit will often "visit" their people. When we talk to our animals, they can tell us what to watch or listen for, as signs that they are visiting. Connecting with your animals in spirit helps you understand

  1. Unresolved feelings or issues regarding aspects of your animal's life.
  2. Worries about the afterlife, or what happened to your animal when they crossed over.
  3. What advice your animal in spirit have for you.

In this reading when I connect with your animal in spirit I help you understand the transition and their life beyond their physical form, you're able to understand how your relationship is going to transform from now as they become your guides, your healers and your angels who continue to shower their unconditional  love in many different ways. Their advice can be beneficial and can sometimes be amusing or surprising.

  • 40 Minutes
  • Therapy Guidance
  • IST time zone
  • Zoom call
  • Waiting time 10 to 15 days

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