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Missing Pet Communication

Guiding lost animals and missing pets' homes is one of the most challenging situations a pet owner faces. It’s important to make sure your animal carries identification whenever possible. However, if your animal does become lost, there are things an animal communicator can do, and there are some things they cannot do. I connect with the consciousness of your animal to see what they have seen or are seeing. As an animal communicator,

  1. I can tell you what they've seen along the way.
  2. Find out if they have access to human help or assistance.
  3. Inquire if they got into a car.
  4. Determine how far they traveled to arrive at their current location.
  5. Energetically guiding the animal back home (Golden Cord meditation)
  6. Give you a couple of things you can do to  help guide your animal home.
  7. See if they are aware of the route back home
  8. Request that they come forward to be  discovered by another kind person, or ask that they make a noise when a reliable person approaches where they are hiding.
  9. Let them know you are looking for them.

What doesn’t happen in the session is live location tracking. Also, there is no guarantee that the pet shall be found as it all depends on what the pet wants to do & what information the pet gives.

  • 40 Minutes
  • Intuitive Medical Body Scanning
  • IST time zone
  • Zoom video call / Google meet

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