Choose Cleanse Spray

The Choose Cleanse Spray is a unique Bach flower spray that was created especially for animals with skin conditions of any kind.

  • For acute and chronic skin problems, abscesses, dermatitis, and dandruff.
  • To help with gut obstructions, bone splintering and hairballs.
  • To flush out emotional toxins if the animal is highly emotionally distraught- The owners abandoned the animal and left it to die, Being abused.
  • To alleviate the unclean feeling of an infestation with maggots, fleas, ticks or parasites, including worms.
  • If poisoned, cleanse toxic material in the system like Insect spray poisoning, Contaminated food or water and Actual poisoning.
  • To detoxify after a cold or viral or bacterial infection.
  • For any infections, open wounds or rashes of any kind.
  • To assist in weight loss and for diabetic animals.
  • For cats who do excessive grooming.


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